Binus University

Bina Nusantara Group is an institution which provides education on so many levels, starting from pre-school to graduate program. As the institution expands, Binus aims to keep raising the awareness in the society when it comes to their educational units as well as acquire some data of leads which can be used to determine Binus prospective students through campaigns such as Paid Search, GDN, and Facebook.


InboundID handles not one but ten Binus institutional units under Binus School, Binus University, and Binus Graduate Program. Digital channels such as SEM, GDN, Facebook, and Instagram are used in the awareness-raising campaigns and quality lead generation, based on each unit’s targets. Furthermore, special landing page was designed to increase the conversion rate as well as reduce the cost-per-lead rate.


The campaign successfuly generate quality lead database which fits each unit’s marketing target. Cost efficiency gained from each campaign is 130%-150% on average.

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