JD.ID started its operation in late 2005, and later became an e-commerce known for providing quality products and services in Indonesia. As a newcomer, JD.ID wants to be widely recognised and wants to increase the number of sales on their website. InboundID has utilised SEM, GDN, and Facebook in helping JD.ID achieve the goal.


In the first six months, InboundID focused on the raise of awareness in order to get brand recognition for JD.ID in Indonesia. Once the six-month period past, the campaign switched its focus to increase the conversion/sales, while the stock keeping unit (SKU) was still being updated, and the branding concept was under development as well.


On the first year of campaign, JD.ID was able to achieve 40% impression share through SEM campaign, which was 20% higher than its competitors. Due to impressive SEM campaign, on the second year of campaign JD.ID was able to increase its keyword coverage to only 5% margins from the market leader which also increase the number of its users.

InboundID also helped to increase the quality score through SEM campaign to score range of 8 – 10 by 50%. In terms of Cost per Conversion, JD.ID showed a significant month on month growth efficiency. Regarding to app-install campaign, after 3 months of campaign running, a cost per install effectivity was shown by 50% lower.

In addition, InboundID also helped JD.ID in setting up measurement environtment in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. This would help the data analysis of all marketing activity being clear and insightful.

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