Ministry of Tourism

In order to attract 20 million tourists in 2019, the Ministry of Tourism has issued “Go Digital” strategy, consisting of (1) Retaining your customers, (2) Acquiring your customers, and (3) Winning the future customers. The Ministry of Tourism had been a client of InboundID since 2015. To support the ministry in meeting the target in terms of the implementation of digital marketing strategy, especially to win future customers, InboundID run campaigns such as SEM, GDN and Facebook Ads to meet the traffic and conversion targets. In the collaboration, InboundID teamed up with the ministry’s airline partners, such as Garuda Indonesia and AirAsia, to run the campaign on marketing the passenger pax.


Apart from the branding, the campaigns also focused on the selling direction to attract tourists to Indonesia, and to increase the sales of passenger pax offered by the airline partners. InboundID implemented brand advertising and direct marketing, emphasising on Facebook Ads, SEM, and GDN campaigns.


All campaigns have effectively generated suitable traffic to website, and 70% of traffics which came to get information of Indonesia tourisms were from InboundID’s campaign activities.

In terms of Cost Per User, there was always a decreasing cost of 25% per year along 3 years of campaign running.

In terms of Cost Per Conversion, there was Return of Investment as much as 9.5:1 achieved through collaborated campaign with industry partners.

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