To many people, Practo is a leading healthcare platform which offers solutions to health problems. It’s where you can check your condition, find the right doctor, book your test, and keep track of your health records as well as learn how to live healthy. InboundID runs a conversion campaign and help Practo gain customers based on the number of visitors who reach out to Practor’s doctors or partner clinics via the website.


The challenge faced by InboundID is how to increase the conversion rate in terms of appointment transaction between doctors and patients, as well as figure out the efficient cost-per-new-user and cost-per-acquisition. It’s important to implement cost-per-new-user to widen Practo’s reach in Indonesia. Furthermore, InboundID focuses on localising the advertising content to fit the users in Indonesia, as well as increase the quality score.


Since the campaign started, Practo’s conversion rate has increased by 4 (four) folds, and cost-per-user has been reduced by 2 (two) folds. The quality score has also been succesfully increased, as Practo’s average quality score is recorded at 8.5.

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