For Telkomsel, we had handled every aspect of its SEM, Facebook Ad, SEO as well as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) campaign. For its SEM & Facebook Ad campaign, we had optimized the keywords through paid advertising on Google as well as Facebook and successfully generated traffic and clicks to its campaign landing page. We also had a great success with its SEO campaigns. What we did for its SEO campaigns were keywords optimization as well as website optimization, and content marketing. In CRO, we analyzed every question in the post paid kartuHalo registration form and analyzed which question that made visitor experience difficulties which made the conversion value is low.


Analyzing the internet user behavior while trying to increase the number of visitor to register and join the post paid kartuHalo. The “Continue” button is the critical button in registration form. In order to increase the conversion, this button must be placed in the most views area.


We had generated traffic and clicks to their campaign landing page, built high-quality backlinks for their website and all of the targeted keywords were on the 1st page of In the result of its CRO campaign, we had redesigned and simplified the registration form of the post paid kartuHalo on Telkomsel website.

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