Starting in mid-2016 as a media company, Tirto.id aims to improve the quality of its website traffic. From the beginning, InboundID has helped Tirto.id achieve that goal by running SEM and GDN campaigns to promote each article they published.


While running the SEM and GDN campaigns for Tirto.id, the challenge is how to increase quality traffic in order to create good engagement, measured by the average number of session duration and bounce rate. To overcome the challenge, InboundID focused on optimising valuable keywords and remaining up-to-date on the current issues which were frequently looked up on the search engine.


The efficiency of CPC value which gained from optimizing the quality of score during SEM campaign, resulting in the increase of traffic on Tirto.id website each month. The traffic acquired from the SEM and GDN was the one with best engagement compared to other sources.

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