3 Clever Ways to Set Boundaries at Work

Given that you spend a huge amount of time at work, setting boundaries should become your priority as it leads to more efficiency and confidence, not to mention it will lower your stress level. While the meaning of boundaries in this case can be a bit less obvious, in most scenarios a boundary at work is referred to ‘emotional and intangible’ category as stated by Dana Gionta and Dan Guerra in their book entitled ‘From Stressed to Centered: A Practical Guide to a Healthier and Happier You.

Remember, involved too much or too little will not do you good when it comes to the relationships in a professional environment. Therefore, setting up work boundaries will prevent you to make unnecessary blunder when you interact with the colleagues, workmates, or client. Here are some info & health tips to keep in mind concerning this matter.


Be Careful with Overtime

If you want to impress your boss with overtime, you should think twice before you decided to go with it. You should know when you have to stop working and it means you will not check emails, stay late, and even come on the weekends to the office during your ‘off-hours’ at work. Working overtime might be okay once in awhile, but do not make it a habit. If you keep pressuring yourself with working at the off-hours, you will exhaust yourself and left your boss to rely on you almost 24/7.

Remember, you have a life outside your office, so it will be better to balance both in order to not overstepping the boundary. When it is time for you to go home and take rest, please do so instead of being available all hours for work. However, you have to give your all when the working hour is on. Your boss will still see you as an important asset if you do your job excellently in your working hours even without recurring overtime. In short make a most of your time in your office, but do not kill yourself with overtime.


Your Value is the Main Priority

Do you know what is important to you? If you do, it can be your foundation to set some boundaries. Try asking yourself what kind of boundaries you have to set in order to protect your happiness at work. Take time to notice the moments when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed as it indicates that the boundary is being overstepped and you need to re-establish it. When you think that you have an extremely important appointment outside your office, be sure to set a boundary that you need to leave at a certain time. It is necessary to spare times for things that hold a great importance for you and establish a strict boundary to make your point.


State Your Boundaries Clearly

Be clear and honest about your boundaries with your workmates or managers, but do not set them all at once. State it one conversation at time and keep track of what change what does not and what works so that you can keep a boundary. If you do not like to participate in unnecessary activity, say it clearly to your workmates in a polite manner to avoid offending them.

Setting boundaries at work will help you keep track with your emotional state and will help you to avoid stress and increase your performance at work. Get our other tips to keep you healthy at work on our blog page and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to get the latest update!