3 Smart Tips to Accelerate Inbound Marketing Success

A successful inbound marketer means they can provide their prospects and audience with valuable content. But it does not mean you will get immediate results that you are longing for. Inbound takes time and you should have known that by now. So the question is how long are you going to wait for those results to come out? Now waiting for ranking to go up is no longer an only option to measure your inbound marketing methodology success. You can do beyond waiting by following these tips to accelerate your inbound success:
Paid Search
Paid search is intended to increase search visibility. This concept is nothing new for business owners since many of them try this option. Paid search is seen as something necessary to produce steady and predictable results, especially for those who want to start inbound campaign from scratch. With paid search, your targeting is focused on what your prospects or audience search in search engines. For instance, you buy a certain keyword or keyword phrase, then Google or Yahoo will rank your blog naturally for the targeted keyword.
Paid Social Advertising
Paid social advertising works like paid search, but you focus more on the people you are going to market to. Paid social ads will help you drive more traffic faster than what SEO usually does. Not only that, social ads become one of the most used tactics for direct response and brand exposure. It is predicted that the social media ad spending will surpass $35 billion by 2017. Again, for a business that is beginning to use inbound, social advertising can maximize the visibility to a very specific segmentation.
Use an Existing Database
A database of former prospects and audience is a big opportunity you cannot brush off so easily. It is simple because they are quite familiar with you, let alone you already know something about them as well. Rather than ignoring these contacts in your database, you can send them another informative content related to who they are or what they are interested in. When they give a positive feedback, you can develop a plan to re-engage them offline. This method is working for you who want to build a new business as former customers or prospects can be re-engaged easily.
If you want to accelerate the results of your inbound marketing methodology, you can use the methods above for that purpose. Make sure you do everything right to get positive results.


Access Time: 4 October 2016