4 B2B Digital Marketing Tactics to Consider

Most B2B companies do not have a good B2B digital marketing strategy in place. Why? Because, their approaches tend to be more direct and rely much on outbound tactics. They send persuasive message directly to their respective clients or target personas. But, you should keep in mind that the behaviors of today’s professional service buyers have changed. They prefer to go online and do some research via search engines before they use your services.

Seeing how things have changed, it is given that B2B companies involved in inbound marketing realm and do their businesses online. For starter, here are 4 suggestions on B2B digital marketing tactics which should considered.

B2B Digital Marketing Tactics #1: Marketing Automation

This has been the most preferred strategy for many B2B companies. Many B2B companies have realized the importance of marketing automation to manage their data and keep up with market dynamics. From database management and visitor tracking to email marketing, marketing automation helps cover everything. It also makes everything easier to target personas and clients with relevant content at the right time. Even the automation platforms can help B2B marketers track various data, such as download item, page visit, and page submission as well as craft personalized messages for email marketing purposes.

The result has been very good according to Demand Gen Report which stated that 75{e56e98cffb3900b5e8849a3588d7fad4e42d0c2720d7b074b7ab4ed4811d4b0a} of companies using marketing automation see ROI in 12 months, and according to Pardot, marketing automation users gain an average increase in sales revenue of 34{e56e98cffb3900b5e8849a3588d7fad4e42d0c2720d7b074b7ab4ed4811d4b0a}. There are a number of marketing automation tools available out there, like Unbound, MailChimp, and Zapier. These tools offer many features that will help you run your B2B company online.

B2B Digital Marketing Tactics #2: SEO

Your prospects have to find you when they search online. Therefore, you need to apply Search Engine Optimization tactics. Even though SEO can be an overwhelming marketing stage, it is the most effective strategy to establish your online presence. When it comes to SEO, there are two components called on-site SEO and off-site SEO. In on-site, you use targeted keyword phrase to deliver your website concepts that matter to your prospects. Usually the targeted keywords are more focused on your expertise and service. Off-site SEO is used to increase your website’s authority according to the amount of relevant websites that link to your website.

B2B Digital Marketing Tactics #3: Content Marketing

As Internet users see the importance of content, you need to incorporate the strategy to reach out to your prospects. However, make sure you offer high-quality content on regular basis to them. The quality of your content is not only depending on the content length, but also how relevant and informative it is to your prospects and clients. Even you can make a shorter content more enticing than a longer one with the right strategy. But for small business, it would be better to create longer content in a form of ebooks, blog posts, video course, white paper, etc in order to improve the business reputation and unique value proposition.

B2B Digital Marketing Tactics #4: Social Media Marketing

B2B business players have entered the realm of social media for the sake of a better business exposure. A Research from Hinge Marketing shows that more than 60{e56e98cffb3900b5e8849a3588d7fad4e42d0c2720d7b074b7ab4ed4811d4b0a} of service buyers check social media channels to find out new service providers. On another occasion, several researches have mentioned that B2B businesses gain successful results on Facebook. Twitter, and LinkedIn. But recently, YouTube and Slideshare are trying to keep up the pace with these 3 channels.

B2B Digital Marketing Tactics #5: Native Advertising

Native advertising has been around for a while in this past few years with actually not a newly concept of advertising, but, this tactics still should be considered for your B2B company as this will help you to increase the engagement of your customers and potential customers to your advertising.

With the emergence of digital age and the change of customer behavior, new marketing methods are required to engage with today’s prospects and clients. That is why it is no longer a sound argument that B2B companies do not need inbound marketing to run their respective businesses. So make sure your B2B company has strong online marketing tactics. Learn more and add your knowledge about B2B digital marketing strategy by downloading our free white paper about Make The Most of Inbound Marketing which will give you a more understanding about the effectiveness of inbound marketing for your business.


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