4 Best Ways to Strengthen Visual Branding on Social Media

Visualization takes a crucial role in your digital marketing brand. Moreover, incorporating visualization in your branding strategy on social media will help you get noticed by your audience in short amount of time. But, since the competition is quite tough out there, you have to find some means to strengthen your visual brand and make you stand out from the crowd in return. How should you do that? Here are some tips to strengthen visual branding on social media:

Be Consistent

Does not matter what marketing approaches you do, you need to be consistent including for your visual branding. Thus, ensure that your social channels function as an extension for your website by using recognizable design elements that you use on the said channels, such as cover images and logos. While different channels have different sized images, you can always correct the sizes in accordance with the channel’s requirements.

Aside from that, you should try changing cover images often and sharing more visual content that is compelling and attention-grabbing. What’s more, you should heavily publish visual content on Twitter or Google+ to earn retweets and sharing. You also need to get personal with your fans or followers and respond to their inquiries. If you like their posts, give them a thumbs up and share it so they will notice that you pay attention to them.

Be Different

As a marketer, you cannot deny the importance of outsmarting your competitors especially in today’s competitive marketplaces. The basic idea is making you standout and different from them on social networks. Fortunately, you can be different from your competitions if you have a recognizable visual identity. It might be simple, but your brand identity is the first thing that your audience will instantly recognize from you. You can start with creating a logo that represents what your business is about. Keep in mind that a logo can be the fastest means to link you with your audiences.

Optimize Your Brand

You have to make sure that your brand has been optimized for every social network. But remember that each social network has different optimization method. For example, you need to optimize the profile page on Facebook through a custom header and profile picture. If you are active on Pinterest, you need high quality images with attractive CTA to convey your messages to the crowd or if you are using YouTube, you should provide informative and entertaining videos to enhance their visual experience.

Mind Your Niche

Your niche should come into a consideration when you create visualization for your digital marketing brand. It will restrain you from producing a logo that is random and totally irrelevant to your industry. No matter how good the logo design is, you should ditch it if it does not have any meaningful relation to your brand. So stick to your niche and make wiser decision.

Be Creative and Unique

We urge you to change your cover images often, in this case on Facebook, and here is the reason why. You can use the cover image section to explore more options, such as promoting events, discounts, new product or service, etc. The cover image is the first thing your fans or followers will see so take advantage of it.

In order to grab your audience’s attention on social media channels, you need to strengthen your visual branding. Through the social media marketing tips above, you will be assisted to strengthen your own brand through visualization. Many other ways to strengthen your brand’s visual branding. If you have other ideas on how to do that, feel free to leave some comments below! In the mean time, you can also download our free infographic about how to improve brand image through inbound marketing by clicking the link below.


Inbound Marketing Tips to Improve Brand Image