4 Effective Ways to Improve Facebook Ads Relevancy Score

Facebook ads have been around for quite a while to help marketers enhance and optimize their digital marketing campaigns. Along with the existence, they often mull over what their target personas think about their Facebook ads once they were launched. Understanding the thought, Facebook has another additional feature called Relevance Score. Through the feature, ecommerce owners are able to test ads before they run a campaign and optimize already existing ones.

Facebook’s Relevance Score also allows marketers to reach more customers on the channel while saving more money in return. If you do not want to miss out the golden opportunities offered by the metric, you should improve your ads relevancy score first. With that being the case, we will give you 4 handy inbound marketing tips on how to improve Facebook ads relevancy score:

Specific Targeting

After , you can be more specific with your targeting. You can use existing information on your personas to specify your Facebook ads. For instance, you can use your target’s demographic data and find out the users who have interacted mostly with your posts. You can also analyze those who have responded positively to your ads based on their gender. In a nutshell, Facebook helps you narrow down the choices and you only have to target only one of the choices that is relevant to your business.    

A/B Testing

Facebook users usually notice image – based content as they scroll their News Feed. Therefore, it is your opportunity to run a Facebook ad containing compelling images in order to improve the Relevance Score. But, before you decide which image is working effectively in your digital marketing campaign, doing split test or A/B testing is highly suggested. You can either choose a human face, your ecommerce’s logo, text images, funny images relevant to your business, or even a mascot image if you have one. Whatever your choice, try A/B testing first to find out which ad is more attention – grabbing in the eyes of your target customers.


Aside from images, video – based content has managed to grab Facebook users’ attention. So, to improve your Relevance Score, it is only natural if you use videos in the process. Even the channel has made it easier for you to create video ads through its video views feature. The feature allows you to showcase your ability to deal with the users’ pain points and encourage them to take desired actions. Do not forget to do A/B testing to your video ads to go with the most effective one.

CTA Enhancement

Call to action (CTA) buttons on Facebook usually includes words that lure users to take action, hence it is considered as another factor to a better Relevance Score. In order to gain this benefit, you need to ensure that the CTAs in your ads are easily understood by your target and relevant to their interests as well. In short, bring out CTAs that work relevantly with your personas.

If you found that your Facebook ads relevancy score has yet to go up, it is your calling to make some changes with the inbound marketing tips above. To make your Facebook ads become more effective, you can learn more by downloading our free infographic about the Facebook Ads mistakes that affect your inbound marketing that will give your inbound marketing many benefits.

Or, if you need help to run your ads campaign on your inbound marketing campaign, you can contact us at anytime and arrange a consultation about your problems. We will surely come back to you with the best inbound marketing campaign which is customized to the needs and requirements of your business.

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