4 Secrets to Keep Visitors on Your Website Longer

You might find it challenging to get traffic on your website, but the real challenge lies on how to make the visitors stick around longer. When they stay longer on your website, it means they want to find out more about you and your offer. When they think you are a valuable resource for them, they will not hesitate to come back for more. So what should you do to make them stick around longer on your website? These inbound marketing methodology tips will be your ultimate guide for that purpose:

Keep it Simple

There is no use of having a website with awesome art or cool animation if it can’t engage your visitors and make them stay longer than few seconds. They will not even look back at your website and avoid it altogether. To fend off this disaster, ensure you keep everything simple and make it easy for the visitors to navigate their movements.

Prepare A Give Away

The concept of freebies is still alluring for everyone. So you need to give away something that is still valuable for your visitors. Who knows you may be able to convert them into your loyal audience or customers through those freebies? The free stuffs are varied, but it is better for B2B industry to prepare free download white papers or podcasts.

Speed Up the Website

Usually a slow load of web pages irritates the visitors the most. They rather skip it and move on to another website with faster loading pages. If you do not to experience this, you need to speed up your website, especially to load faster on mobile devices. Do a spring clean for your website and ensure that nothing is going to slow it down. If you have no slightest idea to speed it up, you can hire professional to assist you with it.

Chat Feature

Your visitors are bound to deliver some inquiries regarding the matters they are interested in. Unfortunately you do not prepare a forum or a FAQ section. If that is the case, why not add chat feature on your website? The feature allows your visitors to ask the questions and you can address them immediately. Establish chat personnel to manage the chat feature. If they offer great customer services, you will win the favor of your visitors and they will not hesitate to put their trust in you. If possible, the chat feature should be accessible both on PC and mobile devices.

That was inbound marketing methodology tips to make your visitors stick around longer on your website. We hope that you find the tips helpful.