4 Strategies to Supercharge Your Business’ LinkedIn Profile

Among a large number of social media channels available today, LinkedIn profile is equally crucial to help your audience or prospects find out more about your business. It is highly probable that your LinkedIn profile will show in search engine results, hence you have to attention-grabbing profile so your audience will check you out. If you have no slightest idea to do so, these following strategies will supercharge your Business’ LinkedIn profile:

The Photo

It is necessary to use a professional photo in your LinkedIn profile to get a good first impression from people. You can choose your headshot photo focusing on your smiling face. Remember, your profile will be linked to your company, hence, you should present a professional and consistent image across social channels. Refrain from using your company logo for your personal profile picture as it is not engaging enough and restrict people to know you more.

The Headline

As a part of your LinkedIn profile, the headline is undeniably important as it will show next to your name in the search results. Therefore, you need to ensure that your headline is really compelling to lure others to click your profile and learn more about you. In short, do not just include your name and the company in the headline.

Contact Information

There is no way that people will trust and get in touch with you if you do not provide your contact information. Therefore, give them your contact information in your profile so they can reach you easily. You can also add valuable links like your blog or website so that you can generate even more traffics and shape up your search rankings.

Keep in mind to choose Company Website option so it will be shown as Company Website instead of your company name or target keyword. This method will actually help you get better ranking in Google search for your LinkedIn profile.

The Experience

Your current position along with other three positions will be displayed in your LinkedIn profile. Other three additional positions will be showed when the visitors click on View All option. With that being the case, ensure that you add a concise description for every position. Using target keywords in the description will help you get found when people search for your skill sets. You can also create another professional headline in your Experience section so that people will know about you and learn how you can help them the problems at hand.

LinkedIn is useful to build strong personal connections with the other parties. With these social media tips, we hope that you can supercharge your profile and build strong connections in return.