5 Best Video Editors to Support Your Video Marketing Efforts (Desktop Version)

Video-based content has successfully made its place in the world of digital marketing. Such content is grabbing more and more attention over the past few years. But of course to make your video goes viral on social media platforms, you have to ensure that, aside the content, the editing looks flawless. So with that in mind, we are going to present you with 5 handy video editors you can use to support your inbound marketing campaign. Check them out below!

Adobe Premier

This software is one of the most famous video editing software in the world. It is used for many purpose in the world of video editing, from simple editing to professional editing. This software is available for Windows and Mac platform, and support almost every popular video format. It offers a lot of features you need from a video editing software, from simple to advance. The only matters from this software is that you will have to spend some cost depends on the plans you choose.


This software is very simple and has a multifunctional and very effective cost. Screenflow is originally targeted for users who wants to record their desktop for web application, product demonstration or tutorials and has make adding video to your content strategy become more approachable. This software will be very useful in showing your audience about how to navigate through your website or to emphasize certain features. This software is only available for Mac users.


This software is more than just a video editor because it offers a 3D animation suite. It has many features you need for video editing including transitions, speed controls, filters, adjustment layers, and 32 slots for adding video clips, audio clips, image and effects. The best part is that this software is an open source software which is very cost effective and according to its website, you can use this software for any purpose. This software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users.


Avidemux offers you a number of features for basic video editing (exclude audio editing) without costing you the loss of video quality. The program comes with multiple video formats, such as MPEG, DVD, MP4, AVI, and QuickTime. It also has a few option of filters that gives you the chance to do a host of different functions like rotating and flipping clips, adding subtitles, and adjusting brightness levels and colors. This program can be run in Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete Video Editor Lite helps you, cut, copy, and paste different sections of your video in a simple and quick way without losing the quality of your videos. It is also quite easy to use so you will master the program in jiffy. But this program only supports WMV and AVI video format without audio editing feature. Still, this Windows – based program is useful for simple editing and those who are still new to the process.

These digital marketing treats provide you with a few examples of video editors you can use in desktop version. These software will surely help you edit and even crafting your video for your video marketing efforts as a part of your creative content marketing strategy. As creative content is becoming more and more popular these times, you can learn more about it through our free white paper about Creative Content Marketing Essential Elements which will give you more knowledge about what are the important things of creative content marketing. Download it now!

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