5 Easy Ways to Polish Your Opt-In Conversion Rate

Bear in mind that every change you have done to your marketing strategy will affect your entire business. If the changes turn into a great success, you will get more opt-in rates that you might have never imagined before. In case you want to increase your opt-in conversion rates, we will give you some advice on that issue:

Offer Tools

Tools have taken an important spot in marketers’ campaign, so once in awhile try offering tools instead of a technique. Offering tools that have been usually used by pro marketers will make them feel like a pro too. The tools can be anything from a piece of software to a comprehensive guide. If you go with the software, you can give them a list of best marketing tools you have used in your campaign and give a little review about those tools.

Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

A large number of your web visitors will hit your landing page on mobile devices, so you have to ensure that they get a good mobile experience. If a mobile visitor cannot navigate your landing page easily and complete the opt-in, you might get a very low conversion rate. Thus, mobile-friendly landing pages are a must in this case.

Two Step Opt-in

Two step opt-in works better than having the opt-in form on the squeeze page. With that in mind, set up a button to get the report, free list, and more on the opt-in page, then have a new box open to inform them where they should send it and a box for their email.

Enticing Headlines

In a matter of second, you have to make your visitors take an interest in your brand. Within those seconds, you have to accomplish two things; let your visitors know what you have in store for them and make them interested in the said offers. The best method to make it effective is by using attention grabbing headline so they will click your CTA to reach you. In a nutshell, interesting headlines will lead to an increase of opt-in conversion rates.

Avoid Offering Free Videos

These days, offering free videos is not as great as it used to be. Seeing that the perceived value of videos has considerably decreased, it is best to avoid offering free video for the opt-in. Instead of free videos, why not go with tools or a list of resources?

These marketing tips will help you increase your opt-in conversion rates. Try them out right now and see for yourself how it positively affects your conversion rates.




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