5 Keyword Difficulty Tools Every SEO Expert Should Know

If you want to know whether keywords has potential to rank high in search engines and generate a large amount traffic, keyword difficulty tools can be your option to assist you. Though the data gained from the keyword tools is not always accurate as they base the traffic estimation on PPC data aside from using third-party sources, the tools will come in handy for your ecommerce business in terms of comparing difficulty scores for different terms. So what keyword tools are we talking about here? This inbound marketing post will present you with 5 keyword difficulty tools you should know. Check them out right now!

MOZ Keyword Explorer

This tool generates a large amount of query up to 1000 relevant terms related to your targeted keyword. It also offers analysis based on important metrics such as keyword difficulty and search volume. What’s more, it provides simplicity and straightforward features that even a newbie in digital marketing sphere can learn more about keywords without a hitch.

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner can be considered as the best keyword difficulty tool for Google AdWords and remains as one of the best marketing tools in 2017. It uses the information on paid search data and takes the info directly from Google so that the result is more reliable. On top of providing the stats of keyword difficulty, Keyword Planner allows you to gain data on other important elements, such as keywords’ language, country of origin, and search volume. Thus, do not hesitate to use this tool for your ecommerce blog.

Long Tail Pro

If you are more into traditional keyword approach, you should go with Long Tail Pro. It has been existed for a long haul and known as one of the pioneers that introduces a keyword competitiveness score to the marketing world. Its features will certainly help you gather keyword difficulty data, not to mention it also shows individual page metrics, calculates keyword profitability, and so on. As the features keep on upgrading and improving, you will find it helpful during the whole process of keyword research and establishing keyword difficulty altogether.


This is another great tool for establishing keyword difficulty in terms of competitive-based keyword research. It also has SERP features where you will be shown how your targeted keywords are represented in SERPs, be it in the form of videos, news, snippets, or other important materials you should take into account. This tool also provides you with popular and trending keywords or phrases that you can refer to.  

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool

As one of the most popular keyword tools out there, Ahrefs also provides you with keyword difficulty data in extensive detail. The tool takes clickstream data to show the amount of clicks you will get from search engines. Another upside from Ahrefs is that it allows you to create a list of targeted keywords directly from its dashboard so that you do not have to use excel which is not quite practical.

As like many things in SEO that were heavily reliant on tools, these keyword tools will come in handy to assist you in the SEO efforts, especially in the light of keyword research which will help you to determine the keywords. Check out the tools and find out which one is the most suitable for you. Anyway, You can add your comprehension and knowledge about keywords research and how to do it effectively by downloading our free white paper about How To Create Effective Keywords Research.


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