5 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Use in 2018

Social media will provide you with handy insights to improve your digital marketing business and understand your audience better. But the question is, how can you gain those insights? Thanks to the existence of social media monitoring tools, obtaining data from social media is not such a daunting task anymore. Despite the amount of social media tools out there, you can rely on these 5 monitoring tools to enhance your inbound marketing techniques for 2018. So without further ado, let’s break down the list below!

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Mention is a web tracking tool to monitor news, blogs, forums, and most of all social media. Using this social media tracker will let you know when your brand is mentioned and what people talk about you on social channels. By knowing what they have in mind about your brand, you will be able to improve and grow your brand. This tool also will help you build connection and reputation as well as generate more leads.

Mention features real time media monitoring so you will be notified when someone uses your targeted keywords or mentions your brand. Once notified, you can engage with those people and create more brand awareness to lure more audiences or clients.

InboundID_Social MediaHootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most used social media tools. It allows you to track your stats on several infamous channels like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Foursquare, Google+, and most recently Instagram. Hootsuite features social media management functions that will make your job easier in dealing with a number of social channels at once. It also can delegate your other social media tasks and send private messages. If you use Hootsuite, you will receive weekly reports that which are useful to improve your brand.


Streamview is a social media tool used to monitor your presence on Instagram. You know how the channel is insanely popular for the past years and with more than 700 million of users, you cannot waste your chance to strengthen your presence there. Through Streamview, you can monitor the Instagram posts based on hashtag, username, or locations. In addition, this digital marketing tool allows 

you to engage with the users that are posting in your region or the region you wish to follow. For instance, if there are some events nearby and you want to know what the hot issue is, you can use this tool to monitor them.


Klout has been around since 2008 and is known for its scoring feature where you can measure your social media influence on a scale of 1 to 100. The measuring feature can be an interesting exercise, especially if you compare your score to your competitions. Moreover, this tool allows you to view the most influential followers or posts you can keep up with.


ZoomSphere is the first social media monitoring tool to integrate Facebook Reaction into its platform. The tool presents impressive features which cost you almost nothing, such as a complete analytics solution, a publishing platform, competitor benchmarking, and monitoring of mentions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. While the free version is such a great deal, you can upgrade to paid plan if you wish to add unlimited users and social profiles to your account.

Today’s inbound marketing players use social media channels to listen to what their respective audiences have to say about them. Even you can find out how your competitors are faring through the channels. Fortunately, it can be easily done by incorporating social media monitoring tools into your marketing strategy.

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5 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Use in 2018