5 Things to Improve Mobile Ecommerce Conversion

Based on OuterBox’s 2017 Mobile Ecommerce Stats, 62% of ecommerce customers made a purchase on their mobile devices. Through this digital marketing trend, ecommerce owners should make it their priority to optimize the purchasing processes through mobile devices for their customers. After all, it is a must thing to do to improve the conversion rates. Then what does it take to optimize the mobile ecommerce conversion? We will provide you with 5 inbound marketing tips on that matter!

Adjust Your Analytics

When your analytics is setup to accommodate mobile conversion, you will get a rough idea on the role that mobile devices play concerning customer conversion. Even though most analytics cannot track conversion path across platforms effectively, you still can use tracking devices such as phone number tracking, a discount or coupon code to know where the customers come from.

Smooth Navigation

Remember to always provide best user experience for your mobile website, including your online shopping website. When your prospects are able to navigate your ecommerce website smoothly on their mobile devices, it will help them make the decisions you are expected. For instance, make it easier for customer to use your ‘add to cart’ and filter feature while browsing and also offer the best purchasing offer. But first, make sure that your ecommerce mobile website is able to deliver who you are, what you have in store for them, and why they should trust your digital marketing business so that you can attract their attention faster.

Optimize the Checkout Process

Do not let your potential customers lose the will to make a purchase just because the complication of checkout process. Avoid this deal breaker by making sure that the checkout process, such as filling out credit card info, shipping address, and other relevant information, will be less painful as possible. To do so, you can use autofill feature so that the customers do not have to fill out their general info repetitively. This feature also allows them to edit and add their info without typing in all the details. The bottom line, optimize the checkout process so they can immediately focus on purchasing process and finishing the deal.

Consistent Mobile Experience

Lead generation is also a part of mobile conversion. So when you send your potential customers to your landing page, make sure it is already optimized for mobile users. It will irritate them if you direct them to your desktop landing page when they have to zoom and swipe what they want to read and use and that will make them leave the conversion path. So make sure you offer a consistent mobile experience if you want to please your customers and attain conversion hike in the process.

Reliable Payment Process

Oftentimes customers are still wary to make a purchase through ecommerce mobile site. Then it is your cue to assure them that you offer reliable payment process which is safe and can be trusted. To convince them the payment system is secured, you can activate secured lock next to their credit card info to ensure the security of their sensitive information. On top of that, you also give them accommodating and varying payment methods.     

Most customers have seen the convenience of using their mobile devices to make a purchase than using their computers or laptops. When you are able to provide the best mobile experience for online shoppers, you will enhance your inbound marketing conversion. You can learn more to effectively increase your inbound sales conversion by downloading our free infographic about 5 Must Do Moves to Optimize Inbound Sales Conversion!

5 Must Do Moves to Optimize Inbound Sales Conversions