5 Things You Can Do With Your Binder Clips

Doing some office hack once in awhile will help you improve your mood at work. So why not start from a small DIY project? Take a look around your office and find out whether you have a stock of binder clips. Why binder clips? Binder clips are quite versatile to turn into anything that will come in handy, especially when it comes to your office works. So how versatile the binder clips can be? Let’s check out these office tips on how to turn your office look with binder clips!


Smartphone Holder

It is not hard to find smartphone stand or holder to make it easy for video calls, watching your favorite movies, or even taking some pictures on your own. But it would be much simpler, and more creative, if you use one or two binder clips for that purpose. You can also turn the binder clips into tripod for more professional flair during the picture-taking session.   


Ergonomic Keyboard

It is quite simple to make your office looks ergonomic and you can start it from the keyboard. Many keyboards have feet on the ends so that you can adjust the desired height easily, but in case the feet are broken, or your keyboard is not intact with the feet, you can rummage in your drawers for a couple of binder clips. Take two of the clip’s metal wings off and stick them into place so that your keyboards will have a new footing.


Display Photos

Using frames for displaying photos is nothing unusual, but how about binder clips? To use binder clips to replace photo frames, you only have to close the clip, put your photo between the two arms, and stand it up on end. In case the clip’s surface is not stable, you can use silly putty or sticky tack to keep the binder clip in place. Imagine the attention you will draw just by displaying your memorable photos in an extraordinary way with binder clips.


Gather Notes

Seeing a stack of notes or papers scattered around your desk is not a sight you want to deal with at work. Not to mention it will be difficult to sort which notes are more important than the others. Fortunately binder clips are there to put you at ease. Use the clips to gather your notes or to – do list. By doing so, you do not have to face a messy desk and your notes will be tidier.

Cable Organizers

If you want to stay away from tangled cables, binder clips will keep everything more organized and tidier. Clip your cables together and hang them on your desk. If you have a long cable for your headphones, use the binder clip to make it shorter so you will not tangle with the long cable anymore.

The office tips above are useful to make you more creative with mere binder clips. Who knows that such a cheap and tiny thing like binder clip can help you hack your office look? Get other tips and insight from us on our blog page to make your workspace even more comfortable and neat and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our blog to get the latest tips from us!