6 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Will Change Your Business Forever

Marketing automation is an integral part of any Inbound Marketing strategy. Any company looking to drastically improve their company through the powers of the internet should take a long look at Inbound Marketing as the most essential marketing strategy that they can adopt.

Why is Marketing Automation Essential?

Performing Inbound Marketing manually is basically impossible, if you are dealing with large amounts of visitors and leads, tracking user behaviour and analyzing and understanding the huge amounts of data that are produced by inbound marketing is a seriously mind boggling task.

The centre of Inbound Marketing is the ability to personalize user experiences, ensuring that users remain interested and engaged with your content and information. To be able to do this, it is crucial for you to be able to track and analyze how users interact with your digital assets, whether that be a website or social media channel or mobile application.

No matter how talented we think we are, humans are just not capable to track and analyze every single visitor, analyze their social media activities, send out personalized and timely emails and also guide them through the marketing funnel.


This is exactly the reason why marketing automation is so essential. Once you implement it, instead of performing these mind numbing tasks yourself, you allow your specialized marketing software take care of these, allowing you to easily visualize the results and plan your inbound marketing strategies accordingly.


How to Implement Marketing Automation

There are several marketing automation software tools out there, such as Marketo and Pardot, but the market leader and most efficient of these tools is most definitely HubSpot. These platforms often allow you to have a free trial and also you will receive full implementation assistance from the software provider themselves or a partner agency such as InboundID.


What does Marketing Automation Actually do?

  • Audience Segmentation

Marketing automation allows you to capture a full 360 degree view about the behaviour, interests, demographics and preferences of your customers and prospects and have the ability to segment these users appropriately. This gives you the ability to send content and material that is appropriate and engaging to the right people and create campaigns towards specific segments of your prospects.


  • Personalization

Through marketing automation, you will be able to personalize the experience for your visitors by dynamically adapting the content of your website to show visitors personalized and relevant information. This can be done based on the content interest that a visitor has seen or downloaded or pages category they have visited.


  • Provide A Uniform Experience

Marketing automation allows all your digital assets to provide a uniform experience, ensuring whether a prospect visits your Facebook page or your website, they will receive the same type of personalized communications you have set earlier.


  • Email Automation

Email automation is known as the most effective way to engage audience in email marketing. By using marketing automation tool, you can easily automated personalized emails, providing useful and timely information, these emails can be actively used to assist prospects to move through the buyers process.


  • Track Conversion

Using marketing automation technology, you will be able to trace conversion pathways of every single customer and provide information on how to align your marketing efforts accordingly. This means an easier analysis the marketing process to see which works and which not, so you can focus on things you can maximized on your marketing efforts.

  • Marketing and Sales Alignment

Marketing automation software can be used by Marketing and Sales teams, ensuring that both teams are working in tandem towards a common goal reducing the risk of lost leads. The Marketing team can provide information of leads that are qualified for sales so that Sales team will have an easier follow-up process, all in one automation tool.


If you are considering implementing an Inbound marketing strategy, then you should seriously consider the benefits of a marketing automation tool, just as is the case for inbound marketing, you would need to consult with a certified inbound marketing agency that holds a partnership with a marketing automation software company, such as InboundID and their partnership with HubSpot in order to ensure the proper implementation of the tool.


Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any more information about how marketing automation can be useful for your business.

6 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Will Change Your Business Forever