7 Tips to Clean Up Messy Cables & Cords at Your Desk

It is really annoying to see the cables and cords clutter at your desk. Add up to the files and papers scatters around your workplace, the sight of messy cables and cords makes it even worst. If you feel that way, it is your calling to tidy up everything! To help you with this matter, we will provide you with some info & office tips to clean up your cables and cords at your desk:

DIY Wrappers

If you trip over extra lengthy cord, you need to get it clean up by wrapping it with some DIY wrapper from rubber mat, old credit card, or even coil You can also repurpose a solder-wick spool to shorten and dispense the lengthy cord. Either way, you need to shorten that those extra cords so no more tripping that may will harm you.

Binder Clips

Your binder clips are actually useful to keep your cables from falling. Those clips can be used to hold the cables that tend to slip off your desk if not connected to a device, such as LAN cable as well as audio and laptop cable.

Cord Cover Kits

If you build up a permanent office at home, hiding cords will make it look tidier and cleaner. One of the easy options to hide the said cords is by using cord cover kits. The kits are attached to the ledge of your desk and go from your devices to the outlet. With the kits, there will be no messy and unsightly cords hanging behind your desk.

Plastic Card Cable Organizer

If there is no paper clip available at your office, you can go with your old cards, like unused club cards or credit cards, to set up plastic card cable organizer. Prepare the cards, scissors, and a puncher to punch some holes into the card. Next, use the scissors to cut into the hole from the edge and insert your cables into the hole. The punched card will come in handy to keep the cables at your desk from falling off.

Foam Pipe Insulation

Hide the unsightly cables mess with foam pipe insulation. Cut the insulation to size, then slice down the length and stow your cable inside before pulling out the ends through the slit. With this trick, you can manage to hide the cables and make your office look tidier.

DIY Cable Bin

Cable bin is another way to hide cords, specifically if you have bulky chargers or large power strips. Cable bins look similar to trash cans with its signature small and round shape, but they can hide wires and cords really well. You can purchase the cable bin or make one if you like to indulge yourself in DIY projects. You only have to find box or bin and cover it with additional decorations that match your style like patterned papers or fabrics.

Bread Clips

Perhaps you have more cables to the point that you cannot tell them apart. To keep you away from unnecessary confusion, you can label them with bread clips. Therefore, you can easily keep them apart or even you can keep them together with those bread clips.

These were the info & office tips to tidy up your messy cables and cords. We hope that these tips are really useful for you.