7 Tips to Improve Your Sitting Posture at Work

While most people are not able to maintain good body and sitting posture at work for the long hours, some studies have identified that bad posture can cut off your circulation and zap your energy. Even it can increase the feelings of stress or depression. If you want to avoid these pitfalls, we have some handy info & health tips to improve your sitting posture.

Uncross Your Legs

You may find a comfortable sitting position when you cross your leg. But the fact is the good sitting posture requires you to uncross them and place your feet flat on the ground instead. If it is not comfortable, you can try propping your feet with footrest, thick old books or laptop stand.

Adjust Your Chair

Adjusting your chair properly will fend off repetitive strain injuries. Set up the right height of your chair so that you level with the floor and use the keyboard with your wrist and forearms straight. Ensure that your elbows stay at the side of your body and your arm forms an L-shape at the elbow joint.

Ears in Line with Shoulders

Leaning backward or far forward is not good for your back. You have to try as best as you can to sit straight. Try keeping your ears in line with your shoulders so you can keep your back straight. Every time you slouch over your desk, snap out of it and remember this trick.

Screen at Eye Level

It is important to place your screen right in front of you. If the screen is too low or high, you may end up with stiff neck as you have to bend your neck for hours. Thus, place your monitor around an arm’s length away and the top of the screen at your eye level. You can also use monitor stand to direct the screen easily.

Use a Lumbar Support Pillow

A lumbar support pillow is useful to support your spine. You have no choice but to sit in the proper position and no more slouching over. You can make it better by using rolled-up or folded towel. By doing this, you can lessen the risk of back pain.

No Screen Reflection

If possible, your screen should be glare-free because it will disturb your work, not to mention you are bound to lean too forward to look at the screen more clearly. If you find glare on your screen, take a mirror in front of the screen so you know the cause of the glare. You can place your monitor in a way that fends off the reflection from sunlight or lighting. Pull blinds across the windows and adjust the screen’s contrast or brightness to make you comfortable when you work on your computer or laptop for hours.

Get Up from Your Chair

It is not good for your body to sit for hours as it will disturb your blood flows, get your abdominal muscles weaken, and thinner your bones. That is why every so often you need to get up from your chair and move, at least once every one hour.

In case you cannot leave often, include mini-walks in your daily activities would be a smart choice. Also, try taking the stairs instead of elevator and walking to further bathrooms if it is necessary. In short, move your body every chance you get and do not just sit around. Having proper sitting posture is advisable to avoid unwanted pains and health problems. You can take these info & health tips as your guide for that matter.