A Perfect Guide to Repurpose Your Content

A Perfect Guide to Repurpose Your Content

Last time we have talked about some of the hottest content marketing trends for 2016 and repurposing content is one of them. You are aware that coming up with new ideas every time you want to produce content is quite tiring and stressful.

That is why repurpose content is a smart move to lessen your burden. To top it off, it enables you to add more value to your old stuffs and attract new audience to your brand as well. So let’s take a look at this piece of information on how to create something fresh out of your dated content the right way!

Have Enough Content to Repurpose

You might think about the right time you can repurpose your content. The best time to start repurposing is when you have enough content to repurpose. While it is true that you do not have to wait for years to begin the project, it is not going to work if you only have one or two published content and spin them off. Wait until you have produced different varieties of content, then you may start your repurposing project.

Mind the Purpose of Repurposing Content

Your content marketing approach must be about your audience or potential ones. That basic concept is also applicable in the content you will repurpose. Thus, consider what your audience needs in the content. If you want to create an eBook out of your old blog posts for your audience, then you have to treat it like one intact with its title, introduction section, table of content, etc.

Turn Infographic to Videographic

Given that video content is skyrocketing, you have to consider producing ones so that you will not be left out by your competitors who are following the trend. If you have not figured out some ideas for your video content project, why not use your old infographics then? Your infographics can be turned into videographics. If done with your videographic project, you can post them on video-sharing websites like YouTube.

Make Webinars from Your Old Blog Posts

For businesses, notably B2B companies, webinars can be an effective selling tool. You may have audience or prospects who prefer webinars to blog posts or other types of content. So with that in mind, make webinar based on the topic on your dated blog post. Ask your audience to attend the webinar during a break from their workdays. Urge them to participate by giving comments and asking questions about the topic they want to know more.

Repurpose content is a must-do program in your content marketing approach. So take a look at your old content since you may find some gems worth repurposing.






Access Time: 17 August 2016