B2B Social Media Marketing Tactics

There is still a misconception that social media only works for B2C industry, but not for B2B companies. The fact is that many B2B companies who have felt the great impact of social media on their business growth. If it did not work, simply because the B2B players did not incorporate the right strategy into their digital marketing tactics. If that is the case, what does it take to successfully tame the social media scene for B2B industry? You should pay attention to the inbound marketing tips below.

Go Beyond LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is known as the most effective B2B social channel, you should not restrict your business to just use the channel. Sure, you can generate more leads on the channel, but your B2B company needs to strengthen the brand which is where other social channels are important in this case.

However, it does not mean all social channels are going to drive great result for branding. You need to be picky and choose ones that can help you build your audience. To find out, you can use the channels that your competition are using as well. You can also take a look at social media demographics in order to figure out on which channels your audiences are mostly active. As a reference, Social Media Examiner revealed that 89% of B2B companies are using Facebook, 88% using Twitter, 61% using Google+, 55% using YouTube, 39% using Pinterest, and 26% using Instagram.

Follow the Potential Clients

If your potential clients are active on social media channels, you should follow them to have their attention. But only following them is not enough, you need to engage with them by responding to their content. Since most B2B companies have small social media following, they will value the engagement more and if you get noticed, they will follow you back. This cycle will be beneficial for you because they will have your digital marketing brand on top of their mind.

Set Up Editorial Calendar

Every social media channel has their own limitations, like the optimal post per day, the character limitation, and etiquettes in voice. Regardless of those limitations, you can still be a part of the channels and it is thanks to social media editorial calendar that will help you post the content according the time you have set. You can also have different topic of content to spice things up.

Mastering the Art of Social Selling

Even though lead generation might not be your top priority, it is still essential if your social media efforts are paying dirt. Enter social selling to maximize your effort. With it, you can introduce the potential clients into your funnel by providing them with . In this case, you are required to help your prospects find the benefit they can gain through your product. If they see your value, it will not take a long time to build a relationship with them. What’s more, only a few B2B companies are familiar with the art of social selling, so you must take a chance to go ahead from your competition.

Most B2B companies have started to realize the vital role of social media platforms in inbound marketing sphere. The platforms hold numerous functions that will bring many benefits to your business. If you are not sure yet on how to maximize the use of social media channels you have, our Social Media Marketing Manager would be happy to help. Contact us now for further discussion about engaging social media strategies for your B2B company!

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