Benefits of Using Live Streaming Apps for Inbound Marketing Strategy

In 2015, live streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat and Snapchat already boasted many audiences. As of now, these live streaming apps are predicted to be the next big thing in social media world. But what you may not have realized is that the live streaming apps can be an effective tool for your inbound marketing methodology strategy.

With their compelling and attractive features, live streaming apps can boost your brand if you do it right. Still not convinced? Check out these benefits of using live streaming apps for your inbound marketing strategy.

Live Streaming Internet Video Generates Bigger Audience

Live streaming events can help you to set no boundaries on geographical and physical restrictions. Anyone can watch and see your video content anywhere and anytime as long as they have internet access. This way, live streaming apps can make you have a bigger audience who can feel engaged with your brand.

Live Streaming Internet Video Gives Content Urgency

Unlike regular contents which can be accessed anytime on the website or social media platforms whenever the audiences want, live streaming video gives a state of urgency. Since your video content is only available at one moment in time, online users will feel attracted to watch it if they do not want to miss your valuable content.

Live Streaming Internet Video Saves Money

Since you deliver your video content in a form of online event, it can save both of your brand and audiences’ money. For brand, it cuts the event expenses such as food, lodging, travel and size of venue. On the other hand, audiences can save their admission fees since the live streaming events are usually free in charge. And, if it is charged live streaming, the audiences can save their course cost.

Live Streaming Internet Video Makes You Stand Out

Even though live streaming apps are getting more and more popular these days, not many business use them to boost their brand. This is the chance for you to be stand out among your competitors by showing your fantastic point of differentiation. Show your brand in different light using Webinar, conference or just an informal tutorial chat.

Remember, in order to make your streaming internet video will work effectively, do not forget to advertise the event before it is streamed. Thus, you can maximize your audience.


Access time: April 12, 2016