Best Tips to Analyze Conversion Rates and How You Can Improve It

The way you measure a conversion rate depends on the nature of your digital marketing business. For instance, if you run an online publisher, you might analyze the conversion rate based on the amount of your website’s subscribers, while for ecommerce, the conversion rate is measured through the number of clicks to the ‘Add to Cart’ button. But whatever method you employ to measure the conversion rate, the point is the higher your conversion rate, the greater ROI you will attain in return.

However, the get greater ROI, you need to ensure that you have improved your conversion rate strategies. If you have no idea how to do so, you should check out the following inbound marketing tips below!

Do Some Testing

In order to figure out the things that work best and things that do not, you should perform an experiment or what we know as A/B Testing. The test is an effective approach to enhance the conversion rate. You can simplify the test by using the assistance of testing tools like Google Optimize (free to use with some limitation), Optimizely, and VWO. Use these tools, or other testing preferable tools, to compare two or more possible tactics so that you can easily decide which one performs better. Seeing its importance, you need to make sure you conduct the test before you launch new tactic.

Offer Clear Value Proportion

Your customers will find your business attractive if you provide a clear value proportion. You have to let them see what your business can do to help them out or solve their problems, making sure that you offer something they want. When it comes to value proportion, it can be in any form. For potential customers, you can provide them relevant content or information that relates to their needs. If you have a new product or service you want to introduce to the customers, you have to show them how it will become an integral part for them.

Modify Your Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is a button that will direct your website visitors to the desired actions such as ‘Subscribe Now’, ‘Register for Free’, or ‘Add to Cart’. This button also determines the amount of conversion rates so it is important to focus on your CTA for the improvement. After all, if your conversion rate is not getting anywhere, the problem may lie on the CTA. Thus, you need to experiment with different CTAs to go with the right one. The experiment can include positioning or the icon and text on the button.

Competitive Analysis

If you see your competitors are doing great with their conversion rates, it is time for you to learn from them. You can do so by conducting a competitive analysis by using relevant tools, such as Compete, Google Trends, SimilarWeb, SEMrush, etc. Not only you can find out the reasons behind their success, you can also learn the things to avoid that can drag down your digital marketing business and outsmart them in return.

In the art of inbound marketing sales, it is not only about how to attract your prospects to your business, but it is also how you are able to direct them to the sales funnel. By improving your conversion rates, your customers will definitely take the desired actions. You can add your comprehension to improve your inbound sales conversion through our free infographics about 5 Must Do Moves to Optimize Inbound Sales Conversions. Download now!


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