Boost Business by Combining Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing

As a digital marketing practitioner, you have realized the mountain of task you should deal with on regular basis. In that vicinity, you are expected to masterly handle email and social media, among other things, in order to reach out to a wide range audience. Juggling from email to social platform will surely get you overwhelmed and take so much of your time. Fortunately, there is another way to make it more efficient, that is to integrate both social media and email marketing. So what does it take to integrate them altogether? Just read the handy tricks below!

Ask to Share and Connect

You may have developed a habit to include social icons in every email marketing campaigns, but the truth is it is not enough. You should consider asking them to share and connect with your social channels. State to every email recipient that you expect them to not just see the social icons, but also to take actions by sharing and connecting.

Upload Subscriber List to Social Channel

There are a number of benefits you can gain by uploading your subscriber list to social channel. For instance, you are able to put a face and a name to your subscribers, listen to their needs, and attain new followers. Many inbound marketing actors upload the list to popular social channel like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Keep in mind that every platform has different ways to upload the list.

Offer Incentive

When you ask your audience to do the desired action, you should prepare the incentive that will make them eager to do as you ask. For example, ask your subscribers to invite their circle to like your Facebook page, in return you will give them a gift voucher, sample product, special offer, or product discount for those who share the most. Incentive does not have to be financial, as long as it is valuable, your audience will welcome it.

Retargeting Ads on Social Channels for Clicking Your Emails

This is one of the most effective methods to integrate email and social media marketing. Instead of running ads aimlessly, you can do retargeting ads by matching the interest with targeted ads and gain more ROI in return. You can do the retargeting ads on Facebook and Twitter as the majority of your subscribers use these platforms and the ad cost is affordable. But keep in mind to only retarget those who click your email to narrow down your option.

Use Blog to Promote Your Email Marketing

Many marketers have overlooked the integration using a blog, but it is as important as other social platforms. You can use your business blog to mention, ask for and link to new email subscribers.

Combining social media and email marketing will make your digital marketing business more powerful and effective. Besides the combination of the two offers you great benefits, like having wider audience base, you cannot afford to neglect. With the steps above, you will not be exhausted due to that juggling act anymore. From the combination of social media and email marketing, you can add more knowledge about creating the best inbound marketing strategy by downloading our free white paper about the best and effective ways to Build Your Integrated Inbound Marketing.

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