Brand Your Business Through Facebook Ads

Since a large amount of people across the world are using and active daily on Facebook, it is a given if many digital marketing players use the channel to gain business benefits. Fortunately, Facebook accommodates them to reach their marketing objectives by providing a number of marketing features with the infamous one is the ad feature. Among other things, the Facebook ad allows online marketers to increase brand awareness and optimize the revenue in the process. To do so, you can take a look at these inbound marketing tips.

Optimize Ads’ Likes and Shares

Social proof is also determined by how many likes and shares you get on Facebook posts and ads. You will receive a large amount of shares and likes because they can see you offer good stuff for them. When it comes to Facebook ad campaign, there two choices you can go with, but you should try ‘Use Existing Post’ option to optimize the likes and shares. With this option, you can gather all the campaigns’ post engagements within a single ad and that is how you will gain the large amount of shares and likes.

Fast Take Off Method

Fast Take Off (FTO) method will allow you to get the result of your digital marketing ad campaign optimization process faster. You can do so by assigning Daily or Lifetime budgets exceeding your planned budget when running a new campaign. After reaching more than 10,000 impressions, you can analyze what is working and what is not, then lower your budgets back to your initial plan. Remember to give Facebook a time for adjustment of every new edit at least 24 hours.

Facebook Power Editor

This feature is not only working for lead generation and local awareness ads, but also for brand awareness campaign.. To launch your brand awareness campaign, you have to select the ad account you want to go with in the Power Editor tool and click ‘Create Campaign’ option located in the top left corner. When you are presented with the campaign’s objective, make sure you set ‘Brand Awareness’. Bear in mind that Power Editor is only working with Chrome browser.

Facebook Ad Placement

The way you place your ad has a great impact on advertising costs for Facebook ad campaign. Even AdEspresso’s data states that CPC can vary more than 550{e56e98cffb3900b5e8849a3588d7fad4e42d0c2720d7b074b7ab4ed4811d4b0a} due to the ad placement. In this case, you must find out your best ad placements via Facebook Ads Manager and use the Breakdown option to categorize your campaigns by Placement. Once you figured the best placements, increase your bids on them and remove the ad placements that perform below your expectations.

Ad Schedule Optimization

To find out the best time to advertise on Facebook, you can go with the same method above but you need to break down your campaigns by Day in the Breakdown menu. When done, you can set your ad campaigns on a custom schedule to reach your potential audiences at the best times.

Launching Facebook ad campaigns is an ongoing process that requires you to use effective methods in order to attain the best result for your digital marketing brand. However, with the aforementioned methods above, you can gain the results even faster in the most effective ways. Learn more to use Facebook in your inbound marketing and get the many benefits of it by downloading our free infographic about Make Sure Facebook Inbound Marketing Works for Your Business. Download it now!

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