Conversion Rate Optimization Tools Every Experts Need

The amount of customers you will gain is based on how you optimize your conversion rate. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an essential part of your digital marketing tactics as it is able to increase ROI and grow your inbound marketing business. To feel the benefit of CRO, it is important for you to maximize your efforts. Fortunately there is one effective way that will make the job easier for you, that is by using conversion rate optimization tools. If you have no idea what the tools are, we are glad to lend a helping hand by providing you with the list of conversion rate optimization tools you should use. Check them out below!

Google Analytics

As you have already known, Google Analytics provides feature to track your website behavior. In return, you will get the reports on engagement, content, ecommerce sales, visitors, and traffic source. What’s more, it is also able to identify the most profitable marketing channels for your digital marketing campaign. Among other analytics tools, Google Analytics is most used by the marketers worldwide.


This platform is more focused on tracking users than page views. Through Kissmetrics, you can figure out how your web visitors behave and how they make decision on your website. With that being the case, you will understand the customer journey through your sales funnel.


If you look for a lead capture tool, HelloBar might be the perfect choice for your business. It has a feature where you can add a popup form to your website to promote your social pages and sales, grow the email list, and other lead generation campaigns. You can try the free version of this tool which allows you to create one modal to be shown to every tenth visitor. If you want to explore more advanced features, you can go with premium plans.


Marketizator is an app for market research purpose. It helps you create behavior-based surveys in order to analyze and evaluate what your visitors do when they visit your website.


As the name implies, the tool is used to address competitor concerns demographically. Compete will come in handy when you conduct initial market and behavioral research.


There are many useful optimization features offered by this analytics tool, but the most used one is the heat map. The heat map will help you see where your visitors click on your website so you can easily identify their pain points based on the page they have clicked on.

Lucky Orange

This conversion rate optimization platform provides visitor records on your website. Through the records, you can gauge the reasons why they have yet to convert. Lucky Orange offers varying features, such as conversion funnels, heat maps, recordings, polls, and form analytics.


The free tools in Sumo will enable you to increase conversion rates. For lead generation purpose, you can go with ‘Welcome Mat’ popup CTA and ‘Smart Bar’ to grow your email list. There is also a scroll-triggered box, and a ‘Contact Us’ form that are beneficial to increase the rates.

With the right conversion rate optimization tools, you will be able to improve the state of your business effectively. That is why, to help you out, you need to incorporate conversion rate optimization tools into your inbound marketing strategy. In this case, you will need the best inbound marketing strategy to bring much more benefits to your business. Find out the best ways to build it through our free white paper about Build Your Integrated Inbound Marketing. Download now!


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