Create The Most Effective Buyer Personas

You cannot execute a digital marketing campaign without having a great idea on your buyer personas or whom you are going to market to. Understanding your buyer persona will help you maximize your efforts in content creation and advertising campaigns. Buyer persona usually includes a variety of information such as their location, age group, sex, interests, job title, professions, or even income. With these information, how can you manage to bring out the most effective buyer persona? We encourage you to digest the following inbound marketing tips below.

Develop a List to Interview

Take a look at your recent purchasers and make a report on in. Find out whether there are deferred purchases or lost deals and include them in the report. After that, develop a list containing potential interviewees, around 50 or more depending on your need. Make sure you give a heads up to those on your list about the purpose of your interview and let them decide whether they are willing to help. People who give you the interview will provide you information you are looking for to enhance your business through the personas.

You can also interview your loyal customers on what makes them love your ecommerce, what makes them stay, and why they choose you over your competitors. You can also ask the customers why they left you and shift their interests toward others. The point of this interview is to find what your customers see that you do not. Hence, you can fix what you need to fix and improve your strength in the process.  

In-depth Analysis

To create a deeper vision of your buyer personas, you should do in – depth analysis from as many aspects as possible. Analysis from which areas your customers mostly come from, are they using social media platforms to interact with your business, what they like about your offered products or services, etc. The point is, you should ask them questions that relate to your digital marketing business and analyze everything. Who knows you will discover something valuable from there.

Determine the Amount of Personas

If you have a lot of unique data, you should create many buyer personas. However, you need to be careful when you deliver a message for them. Think whether using the same message for every persona is working or you should use a separate message instead to address each persona. Just determine how many personas you need in your messaging approach. If you think one persona is enough, then execute your marketing program for that specific persona. However, if there are separate expectations for the purchase, you may need additional personas.

Content Audit

Content audit should be performed in line with the buyer persona development process. To do this, you need to review your content, including its dated launched and intended personas,  and find out on which stage of the sales journey the content was consumed. Once finished, you will know if you should update your dated content or create new ones to match a certain persona.  

Above are some inbound marketing tips to design an effective buyer personas, as it is one of the important factors in the inbound marketing campaign. You can surely create the best and effective buyer persona to support a business. But, if you in need of a professional internet and digital marketing skills to help you support a business or company on their inbound marketing efforts, then do not hesitate to contact us! We will work in the background with you and your client in order to create a bespoke marketing package unique to your client’s requirements!

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