Create The Powerful Lead Nurturing Strategy

You must be aware that today’s buyers demand a complete control of what they want and refuse to be sold. They expect you to follow their own terms in the process of  building trust with your ecommerce business. These traits can be found in digital marketing strategy where customers educate themselves without constant calls from the salespersons, much more effective than traditional method. However, you are in need of effective lead nurturing strategies to engage with your prospects and gain more sales ready leads in return. With that in mind, we will give you some inbound marketing tips on how to create the said strategy.


Lead Management Process

A lead management process is important to deal with your incoming leads and help you ensure that your salespersons target the most qualified ones. With a lead management process, it would make your job much easier when you put the leads into your lead nurturing program. In a lead management process, you also need to consider how you will handle the leads, what criteria must the leads possess to be included in a lead nurturing program, and so on. It is advisable to make your sales and marketing team work together to discuss these matters. Do not forget to include the people who handle your CRM system to analyze whether your goals are achievable or whether you will need improvement somewhere.


Prioritize Values, Not Sales

Even if people convert on your ecommerce website, does not mean you should eagerly send them an email about a demo. First thing first, you need to nurture them through the sales funnel to make them even more sales ready. In short, offer them value instead of pitching your products or services. For instance, you can offer them valuable content such as ebooks, webinars and whitepapers. Either way, choose something that has been previously successful converting leads,



When you plan a lead nurturing strategy or any digital marketing campaign for that matter, it is crucial to set goals. Think what you will gain from the program, what purpose you are trying to nail, and such. Having goals in place will help you measure how far you go in your lead nurturing program. In case you have not decided the goals yet as you are starting the program, you can research other industries on how they come up with measurable goals. Or you can also make a guess as to what reasonable goals you can achieve.



The foundation of a qualified lead nurturing program is the leads’ data. If you manage to collect a lot of information on your potential leads, you are able to design a better program one. Those data can be used to segment your leads based on what they want to know about your business. By knowing what they want and need, you know exactly the right ways to target them. You can learn more about segmentation and use it to support your lead nurturing strategy by downloading our free infographic about the 3 Things You Need to Know About Segmentation.


If you execute an effective lead nurturing program, your business will be able to close more desired deals. Several inbound marketing tips above will help you design one to gain more profit for your business. If you want to boost your business with inbound marketing to be more successful, then you have to understand the best ways to make your inbound marketing strategy be more powerful. You can download our free white paper about how to take your ecommerce business to the next level to add your knowledge and insight on the best and effective ways to grow your business and gain many benefits.


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