Digital Branding

Building a digital force to be conducted by the company or agency of any business who wants to dominate the market because today the world was entering an era of so-called “digital age life”. Companies that succeed in the digital era, is a company that is able to create and use digital power to build a corporate brand.

So, what should be done by the Company?
which must be made by a company that wants to use the power of Digital to build a brand is to build a brand in the online world. Branding in the online world can be done by combining the marketing skills of communication, in this case make a creative marketing communications strategy (creative online communication), understand and know the online consumer behavior (consumer behavior online) and online media, and master information technology. All these aspects, is key to building the Digital Branding.

1. Understanding Online Behavior
Before entering the online world. Companies must understand the characteristics of Internet users in advance or understand the behavior of online behavior. What must be understood by the Company about online consumer behavior is that the virtual world: Everyone can be a director, everyone can become a director and even producer. He can love your product and then spread to other people, writing reviews and an interesting experience about the product on the website or on his personal blog, spread by email, forward an email to hundreds or even thousands of emails, he also could be a hater your product and then pass it on others (Remember the case of VS Pritchard RS.OMNI?) where all negative content will never be removed except by himself. In the online world, the customer is king in truth. Here, marketing is not vertical but horizontal.

2. Building Corporate Culture Online
To master the digital era, the corporate culture must support that direction as well. No can not, the Company had to move and understand online culture. In order for the steps taken really is a strategic step that has long-term value to the company. For example, the company must understand how to build and use social media (social media) for the benefit of the company .

3. Create Digital Brand Story
Before moving away. Companies must create a digital story to tell his brand is clearly so they can visualization for later conveyed to the audience. This is the first conducted since the brand was not just a logo and tagline, but an identity that will involve emotion and experiencei, companies and users of services / products company.
As for who should be made by the Company for success to become a brand that can be received in the digital era of life is to understand how the brand should be run or operate in the digital age (undestand how brands operate), including content that is built must be: 1) Entertainment (naturally integrated into the stories that attract attention and entertain), 2) Log in social media & networks (creating multiple conversations), 3) Being a user generated content (UGC)

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