Digital Branding (Part ii)

This article is a continuation of previous article. I hope you’ve read the previous article before reading this one article.

In previous articles I stressed to you all who want to build a digital branding for: 1) Understanding Online Behavior, 2) Building Corporate Culture Online and 3) Create Digital Brand Story.

On point number three I mentioned earlier. Of course, in content creation using the medium of television advertising, a company must build a big story about the message you want conveyed to the public. For example, if the products sold are Motorcycles, then the Company will convey the message that those who advanced in the motor industry in Indonesia with two-wheeled vehicle products are innovative and high quality. Well, to go and build a digital power then the Company must also define a whole story, what should be built and to be conveyed to the public. Brand story, which later will be a guide or compass in making the campaign and build a brand using the power of digital.

4. Building Powerful Web: Corporate Web 2.0
Furthermore, to use a digital force that can build brand company must build a powerful website. This will be the main digital power. It may be called; Corporate Web 2.0 that contains content of interest to netter / user or prospective customers of the Company or institution of your business. This website will serve as:

1. Effective means of online communication.

2. Means of building community.

3. Interface of online content company (blogs, social media group, etc).

4. The main means of promotion online (fore, company or agency may make a microsite-microsite that stay connected to the main website).

5. Create an online conversation

I imagine, a website that is built should have a very good standard and capable of providing a virtual experience with interesting content: video, member’s area, the community, including integration with social media, UGC (user generated conten) blog, tips and tricks, product information, program information, promotional information, etc. Made with an interesting theme as well. Companies, even had to make a logo in Maya world should and could be a special characteristic, for example, only with the letter Y or F or Z just so people will know that your company identity. And do not forget our website must be integrated with social media.

Simply powerful website can be formulated by:

Content + New Design + Infrastructure + Social Media = A Powerful Website.

Okay guys, the four steps above is the first step in building the Digital Branding. Congratulations to build a brand by maximizing the power of Digital you have.

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