Discover Psychological Triggers to Turn Your Leads into Customers

Your inbound marketing methodology is working well if you manage to get more leads to trust your brand. Granted, the processes you have to go through to achieve that is quite challenging. Fortunately, you are going to get by just fine if you understand the psychological triggers that can convert your prospects to customers. So, what are those psychological triggers that we are talking about? Let’s find out more here!


When you hear something new around you, at least it will catch your attention, right? In psychological concept, novelty has an ability to increase the release of dopamine in your brain.  One of the functions of dopamine is to encourage that something new leads to a reward you may get in return. So, make sure to offer something novel and new if you want to raise your conversion rates.

Pain Avoidance

It is the basic of human behaviors to avoid pain in their life. This concept is beneficial in inbound marketing methodology to turn your leads into customers. Therefore, you need to convince your audience that your brand can help them to avoid any difficulties and pain in their life.

The Desire to Belong

Human beings have penchant to be a part of something big. Basecamp, online project management provider, is able to take advantage of this psychological state of human beings. In their marketing campaigns, Basecamp told their prospects how many organizations that have signed up for them to help their projects. Later on they urge their prospects to follow those companies’ footsteps and become a part of them.

Pleasure Attainment

To urge someone to do something you expect them to do can be done by helping them to attain pleasure. Make sure you explain clearly how your brand can help them to gain the pleasure they are looking for.  

Tell a Story

Messages have been passed on from one person to another through stories. Stories enable human beings to feel any kind of emotions and possibly urge them to do something. How does it fit into your business?

Simple, tell stories about how your products or services have managed to help your previous clients’ to overcome their problems. Through your stories, your prospects will not hesitate to contact you to ask for help if they get your message.

It is important to know psychological triggers for the success of your inbound marketing methodology campaign. The concepts will shed some light on how to gain more customers by understanding how their brain works.


Accessed on 17 January 2016