Do Your Keywords Convert?

As an important aspect of your inbound marketing campaign, you cannot be lousy when it comes to researching the keywords. After all, your keywords will help you analyze the demand of your target personas, create the ad strategy, content, and brainstorm the ideas for your upcoming move. Keywords are also beneficial to refine your conversion rate. But to get the benefit, you have to ensure that your targeted keywords can convert. Then what makes the better – converting keywords? The following indicators will help you figure out whether your digital marketing keywords are converting.

Experiment with Paid Ads

Once you have narrowed down the list of queries, you will know exactly which keyword you should optimize for conversion through PPC ads experiment. With the experiment, your aims are to attain web traffic samples from each keyword then monitor their behaviors using performance indicators. The result will be compared against each other to know which one is more promising. Conducting this experiment will save you from time and money wastage due to the misplaced efforts.

Are You Using Long Tail Keywords?

Digital marketing players are usually using long tail keywords, up to 3 or more words, when they target specific search queries. Long-tail keywords are more preferable than head term (more general keyword) as they are more specific and have lower competition. When the target personas enter long tail keywords in search tab, they are in buying mode since they want to know specific info on certain products or services. That is why you have more chance to improve your conversion rates through long tail keywords. But remember to do your research well to bring out such keywords.  

Follow The Trending Keywords

In the world of marketing, following trend is a must, the same goes for your keywords as well. If your keywords revolve around something that is happening today, the chance to increase conversion is much higher. It does not matter that the trending topic is beyond your niche, the point is how you craft that to make it relevant to your business so you can attract the attention for conversion purposes. With that in mind, make certain you monitor the hottest trend so that you can update your keyword database. Try using some tools to make your monitoring job easier. For instance, you can use Hooks to keep update with anything including breaking news or Cyfe to monitor trends from various social media platform in a single dashboard.     

Include Product – Related Question

People use search engines to find the answers from the questions they have in mind, not to mention that Google also takes questions into consideration. So to convert more, you should use keyword-based questions. To help you out, you can use Serpstat as it offers Google Suggest results that can enrich your content ideas. Use WH-question as your modifiers and experiment with the tool to your heart’s content.  

Researching your keywords is an important stage in your overall inbound marketing strategy. If done correctly, your keywords will help you shape up your conversion rates. Learn more about keywords research and how to create it in effective ways by downloading our free white paper about How to Create Effective Keywords Research. Download now!


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Access time: 9 September 2017