Does Inbound Marketing Fit within Your PR Strategy?

Some people might think that public relations and inbound marketing methodology as two entirely different concepts. If you think that way, then you are mistaken. Both inbound marketing and PR are used to increase web traffic, generate content, boost brand awareness, and create a unique brand identity. Even though the type of content creation is different, utilizing both concepts will help you to improve your brand. So, what does it take to apply inbound within your PR strategy?

Add Informative and Educational Article

Rather than producing a byline article, such as traditionally opinion piece published in a trade publication or print magazine, you need to create an inbound marketing article that will educate your prospects. For instance, if your client is a weight loss clinic, your article will be about the ways to reduce weight, healthy diet, and so on.

Your content might be a guest submission on another blog, an article posed on a media site, or a blog post which is related to your subject. However, you have to generate as much contents as possible with the best quality you can come up with.

Optimize Press Release

Public relations and inbound marketing methodology have something in common, which is helping clients to get found. In this case, you have to make every press release easy to find as well as blend with relevant keywords. By the help of SEO, you can optimize your press releases so they will get found easily by your prospects.

If you have no idea about the most popular keyword that is related to your field of expertise, you can use Google AdWords to assist you. If your press release is local, make sure to look for local terms. For example, instead of ‘weight loss’, type ‘weight loss Jakarta’. By doing this, you will have a better chance to stay ahead of others since the competition for the local keyword is smaller.  

Inbound marketing methodology and public relations have something in common, from increasing web traffic to boosting brand awareness. If you adopt inbound marketing within your PR strategy, you will be able to deliver more informative and educational content that resonates with your prospects. All in all, inbound is suitable to improve your PR strategy.


Accessed on 9 December 2015