The Effect 404 Page Error on SEO

Most of you are certainly quite familiar with the page error 404 message that indicates the site is unable to be accessed. The 404 error page means that you have a broken link so the page you are trying to access cannot be found. There are two things that cause the 404 error occurs. First, the links or the web page have been deleted or renamed without a proper re-direct from the old URL to a new page.

The second is, there is a typo in the link to that page. Generally, this is not a big problem to the web owner and it only takes a little time to fix it. However, having a 404 error in your web might cause some effects on your search engine optimization indirectly.

Google stated that “generally, 404 errors don’t impact your site’s ranking in Google and you can safely ignore them.” Again, from a technical search engine optimization standpoint, 404 errors are indeed not horrible. But having a web with too many 404 error page means it does not provide a good user experience, which seems to be significantly more important in content marketing and search engine optimization. Note that Google or other search engines do not tend to rank pages that provide a poor user experience. So, a website that has a lot of 404 errors will ultimately suffer and have a significant decrease of traffic in short period of time.

The best solution to avoid this problem in your web is that you need to control and check each error regularly and see what has happened. If that page receives important links from external sources or gets a lot of traffic from qualified visitors, you probably want to fix the error. Also, if you applied several updates in your web, make sure to double check if the links are working properly or not.

But keep in mind that 404 errors do not negatively impact your search engine optimization and content marketing efforts significantly in terms of ranking. But, if there are so many 404 errors that your website is being abandoned by frustrated users, you may not continue ranking so well.

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