Exploring the Art of Link Building

Exploring the Art of Link BuildingExploring the Art of Link Building. Internet can be depicted as a web of roads that mutually connected. There are millions of pages you can find on internet and a page connects to others, just like a web of roads. Once you open a page, you can be connected to a bunch of other pages on internet.

The characteristic of mutually-linked pages can be useful for digital marketing. How come? The links that connecting a page to other pages can be used to describe the quality of the page. A credible page usually connected by other reliable pages which are not spams or other harms pages. A credible page will have a high rank so it is easily to be found on the top list of search engine. Apart from it, that page is more trustworthy than other pages. Hence, many customers are prefer to open that page than others. The actions aimed to increase the number and quality of inbound links to a page which a part of SEO is called link building.

Manipulating link building to create a successful SEO is not magic. Through years of research and test, it is known there are some elements of a link used by the search engine to calculate its page rank. Those elements affect the quality of the links in search engine’s algorithm. Those elements includes global popularity, local/topic-specific popularity, anchor text, trust rank, link neighborhood, freshness, and social sharing.

Link building is an art of SEO since it needs not only budget, but also creativity. Build links can be done by some techniques which depends on the characteristic of the page. Natural editorial links is given spontaneously by pages that want to be connected to your page. Manual outreach link building can be perform by sending emailing bloggers for links, submitting sites to directories, or paying for listings. Last, self-created non-editorial links, which offer the lowest value but still have an impact for some sites which sometimes considered as spams.

There are some activities you need to be avoided when you want a successful link building. You should not build a website after website full of rubbish content and one crappy page just to link to the actual page because search engine is most likely banning it. Since the truth is matter, some people think this method acts as a way to gain page rank, leaving comments on a blog or forum that include your page link is not recommended either.

That is the art of link building.

Image Credit: http://gobwd.com/what-does-link-earning-link-building-actually-mean/

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