Free Hosting VS Paid Hosting


Hosting is space on the internet that are useful for storing data of a particular site. Any online sites, including blogs, online stores, the portfolio, which is intended to be accessible to many people must be stored in a host.

A hosting which are professionally managed would be very helpful in blogging activities, in terms of comfort when updating blogs or facilitate prospective buyers when visiting an online store without having a server down. Many times a process of buying and selling can not be done because the online store you are flooded with traffic.

Often have problems as above if using free hosting, the other thing that often happens is that your blog was suddenly banned by the owners of free hosting for reasons violates the provisions. The severity of your blog can also be removed from the system without our knowledge and without notice.

Web hosting by the beginning it is very interesting, you can start a business for example for online shop without having to pay a penny for their management. But surely something free has its disadvantages. Most online business start a business with a free hosting provider finally facing some problems within the limitations of their web development.

Free hosting providers do not provide support 24 / 7 or facilities that you would expect for future web development. Eventually the web will not be indexed by search engines and will missed from other web using a paid hosting.

In general, paid hosting has more features and faster loading speed than free hosting. For example, the feature pairs of ad-free, FTP, MySQL, and others. With these additional features you can store personal data in the database your web and set it free.

Paid hosting providers provide live support 24 / 7. So if your web suddenly inaccessible, you can directly request assistance from the hosting support team. But if you use free hosting, do not expect the time outside of working hours they will listen to you.

The advantage to choose paid hosting is to reduce the risk of loss of web / blog hosting free when you are no longer in operation. And also the risk of your blog from vanishing of the free hosting directory.

But if you do not intend to switch to a domain and paid hosting, you can still use the free hosting. Make sure you back up files regularly so you are always ready for the worst.

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