How to Generate More Leads on Snapchat

You may use Snapchat to engage more with your audience. But actually you can do beyond that to polish up your social media marketing campaign. As awesome as Snapchat for engagement purposes, it has a great potential to generate more business leads. With that being the case, we will give you some handy tips to use Snapchat for lead generation purpose. Here we go:

Get Them Connected in Your Behind the Scene

People usually are curious about something happened behind the scenes. If you use Snapchat, you are able to bring the users in your behind the curtain business. Send them some footage of your employees or other interesting and funny events occurred in your company. By doing this, it is more likely that you will increase your engagement rates with your followers through that footage.

It is also best for you to introduce your team to your audience. Let them know about those who are in charge of the development of your products or services that the audience have purchased. In all, they will get attached with an individual’s face rather than a faceless business identity.

Help Them Join Your Mailing List

Snapchat is effective to promote your content and optimize them. It is also useful to collect the emails of your potential leads. The best method to do so is by relying on Bitly to shorten your link. First, log into Bitly and click on produce Bitlink option before you paste your long URL. Once finished, click Create and encourage the people to screenshot the link and digest your content.

Also, you can ask them to snap you back if they need the link so you can send it for them via direct message. Aside from promoting your content, you can use this method to promote your account and product launches to collect emails of your potential leads.

Show Your Brand in Action

When you have a new product or service to offer, try making a habit to show them in action. If you deal with service, tell them what it is about, what you work on regular basis, and let your clients talk to your followers. If you are a product-based business, give some guidance on how to use your product or a behind the scene footage on how it is made. The more you actually showcase what you do to your followers, the more they know about your brand and how it is supposed to help them.

That was the social media tips to get more leads on Snapchat. Did you find our treat useful?