Good Activities To Do On Lunch Break At Office

How do you usually spend your lunch break at office? Just eat your simple meals with the eyes glued to your smartphones? Or eat your meals while your mind still busy with anything on your computer screen? Worst yet, do you occasionally skip lunch just because you have too much to deal with and treat yourself with only caffeine – rich beverages when the hunger cannot wait any longer?

If you one of those people with the mentioned lunch break habits, it is time to put it all behind you and start with doing good activities during the break. If you have no idea what good activities you can do during lunch hour, we will provide you with some office tips to inspire you.

Eat Out

When the weather is really nice, go eating your lunch outside and enjoy the views around you. While you at it, you can also bring your favorite book and sit on a park bench or go with your workmates and organize a little picnic together at the park. If time allows, you can go for a walk after finishing your meals. Whatever you do, make sure that you enjoy your break time by relaxing no matter how long it is.

Meet Old Friends

Does your college or high school friend work near by your office? If so, invite them to eat lunch with you occasionally. Take some spare time to catch up with them and walk down memory lane together. Bear in mind that you need to tend not only your work life, but also personal life. If it is not possible to meet your old friends face to face, you can converse with them via phone or video call. However, you should never lose track of time and forget all your responsibilities after the break.

Lunch and Learn

You can learn something while enjoying lunch. It does not always have to be relevant with your field of expertise. Rather, you can gather in a room during lunch hour and ask your workmates to join you while bringing their own lunches. During the occasion, you can teach them something simple like how to make a healthy lunch menu in a jiffy, how to add or remove certain background from a photo, and so on.

Build Professional Network

Although you are content with your current job, it would do you good to keep maintaining professional network. Sure, it would be difficult to organize regular meetings, but lunch break will be the perfect time to build relationships with others in your network. Try inviting them to have lunch with you or simply calling them for the sake of catching up.

Learn a New Language

If you find it hard to make time for foreign language course due to your hectic day, you can have at least 30 minutes a day during your lunch break to learn the new language you are interested in. Use that time to practice on the language basic through relevant language learning applications such as the Duolingo or Rosetta Stone.

Above are some fun and positive activities you can do when lunch break is rolling. So keep these office tips in mind and have a fun lunch hour! Get other tips and insight from us on our blog page to make the office and workspace more comfortable and neat! And, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our blog to get the latest tips from us!