Good Healthy Habits at Works

Your responsibilities at work may tire you out, make you exhausted, and discourage you to do some regular exercise. Even sometimes you miss out lunch just because you are bombarded with important meetings, emails, conference calls, and anything of the sort. With all these hectic routine, how can you establish healthy habits at work? Well, that is true you are so busy everyday to the point that it is hard to take some relaxing times for yourself, but did you know that being too neck deep in your working tasks will bring you no good either?

Sitting and working a desk job for a long time will cause abnormal cholesterol, weight gain, high blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even increase the risk of developing cancer. Among these negativities, the basic ones are lower productivity, performance, and attendance as you fall sick easily. On the opposite, encouraging healthy habits allows you to present your best in front of your office mates and clients, not to mention you will stay focused and happy at work. So how can you maintain healthy habits amidst your busy schedules? Here are some info & health tips you can learn from:

Drink Enough Water

Just because you are busy at work, does not mean you end up forgetting your food and water intake. You need to keep yourself hydrated to maintain your focus and fit body. Cups of coffee will not be a great choice of drink as it will eventually dehydrate you. So, ensure that you drink water regularly and keep a large water bottle at your desk. If you long for a boost of flavor, you can add some fresh fruit to make the water tastier. By drinking water regularly, you will fend off hunger, irritability, and anxiety which are no good to have amidst your busy days.

Move While You Sit

We have mentioned that prolonged sitting is not good for your health, hence you should move your body while you sit. If possible, you should make exercise ball available in your office so you can swap it with your desk chair. Sitting on exercise ball allows you to stimulate your core muscles and eventually will get you stronger abs and more fit physique.

Also, you can go with ‘desk yoga’ as an alternative to exercise ball. You only have to spare 6 minutes and do the yoga. If you need a simpler way to move your body, just stretch three times a day or lift your legs up and down.  Another option is to keep lightweight dumbbells that can be used for a seated exercise.

Walking Exercise

Aside from moving your body while you sit, you should get up and walk once a while to keep your muscles moving. If times allow, you can have a walk outside and breathe some fresh air after lunch.

Do Not Skip Lunch

Do not ever skip lunch as it will lead you to hunger in the middle of work. If it is time to eat, put aside your work for an hour or so and grab your lunch. It would be better if you make it a habit to pack your own healthy lunch at home. By having lunch in the right time, and healthy one at that, you will feel full for the rest of the afternoon.

These are some good healthy habits at work you should bear in mind. We hope that through this info & healthy tips, we are able to encourage you to develop said healthy habits and make your body fit all the time although you have hectic days ahead. Get our other tips to keep you healthy at work on our blog page and don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button to get the latest update of our blog!