Google Adwords Editor 11 Brings Out New Features

Google Adwords plays a vital role in a digital marketing campaign. Those who are into digital marketing use the platform to advertise what they offer to the web visitors and do the campaign. In order to manage the advertisers’ campaigns, Google Adwords Editor is needed to work side by side with the platform. In early 2015, Google released several new features on Google Adwords Editor version 11, which have become the biggest update of the tool since its first release in 2006. Here are some new features of the tool that you need to know:

Manage Multiple Accounts

IF you use Google Adwords to run different campaign on different accounts, this feature is absolutely useful for you. Version 11 will show you how you are able to manage multiple accounts for your campaigns side by side by going from one account to another. You can also work on many components for your campaign in different windows for one account. For example, you can use one window to create your advertisement, while working on the list of keywords you are going to use in the other window.  In order to use this feature, you only have to select ad groups, campaigns, or accounts. Once you see arrow icon, click on it and you are ready to use this feature.

Adwords’ Advanced Search Feature

In this feature, you are able to do complex searches by combining different search criteria. To do the complex searches, you have to use the Search Builder to search on one item and add additional criteria on it. An option will appear in search menu icon in order for you to be able to view and use filters. The options that are available in the filters include items with error, edited items, new items, etc. You can also save your advanced search by selecting ‘Save current search as’ option.

Multiple Changes

This feature shows you how you can do bulk changes in ad groups and multiple campaigns as well as view and paste several items to them. To use this feature, choose Make Multiple Change to manage your text into columns and arrows, and then you can remove, add, or update items in bulk with no difficulties.

Three features above are just some of many new additional features of Google Adwords Editor version 11. They will surely help you with your campaigns or advertisements. In addition, the accounts on the previous tools will be migrated automatically to this new version starting from April 2015.

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