Google Lists 2016’s Top Keyword Searches

Before 2016 ended, Google has revealed its annual year report concerning the most popular searches and stories. Some categories and countries have been included on the list so that it would be much easier to find popular searches worldwide or in certain geographic region. Without further ado, here are the Google’s top searches of 2016:

Top 10 Searches Worldwide

Many events had happened last year and the trending searches usually reflect the said event, such as national affairs, news topics, and other phenomena that have managed to grab people’s attention worldwide. Pokemon Go, for example, went viral in 2016 as an AR game, raising the curiosity of the Internet users to find out more about the game. Due to that reason, Pokemon Go is placed at the very top of popular searches in the world.

After Pokemon Go, iPhone 7 ranks as the second most searched keyword worldwide. The Apple’s smartphone arouse the curiosity of gadget savvies on Earth who wanted to know all the features owned by the phone.

The number three spot is given to recently-elected US president, Donald Trump. His victory over Hillary Clinton in the US election and his controversial campaigns caused him to be more popular on the Net last year. Following these top threes, there are Prince, Powerball, David Bowie, Deadpool, Olympics,, and Suicide Squad taking #4 to #10 position respectively.

Top 10 Searches in Tech World

When it comes to Google’s top searches in tech world, the results are dominated by smartphones and the newest Nintendo video game console which is going to be released this year. On the list, iPhone 7 has taken number one spot in this category, followed by Freedom 251, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and Google Pixel.

Another series from iPhone has emerged yet again on the list. This time it is iPhone 7 Plus which is ranked 7 on Google’s most searched terms in tech industry. Besides iPhones, some smartphones from Samsung were able to pique people’s interest last year. Samsung Galaxy S7 places as the 6th most searched term on the Internet, while Note 7 is ranked 8 and Samsung J7 is ranked 10th.

For gamers, there is Nintendo Switch ranking that taking #9 position on the list. It is more likely that the game console would gain more spotlight on its release date this year.

From the trending terms list released by Google annually, you can track the most searches for almost everything. It is even more helpful as Google adds more categories this time compared to previous years. So ensure you make the most of the list for your marketing strategy.