How Inbound Can Solve These Common Problems for Media Companies

Media companies have become the source of news for many people around the globe. Those companies provide up to date news with the intention to attract as many audience as possible. However, media companies also face some difficulties in recent years and are belief that inbound marketing methodology can solve their problems. So, what kind of problems are those?

Lack of Audience Engagement

If you are the owner of media outlet, you are in need of strategy where your audience can engage with you for the long haul. Given that there are numerous media outlets to choose, it is important to keep your audience to stay true only to your channel. But how are you going to do that?

Lure them with content they care about so they will see the value of your company. If they see your value, they will not hesitate to subscribe to a free newsletter or to participate in your projects. Therefore, it is important to include CTA button in each page on your posts so that they can contact you when the time is right.

Lack of Leads

According to Matt Sunshine, SVP of Sales of the Center for Sales Strategy, media sales persons have struggled to get quality leads appointments. Media outlets expect sales person to be able to do all the work, from finding prospects, understanding their needs, and setting the appointments to solving their problems to get result. Unfortunately, this process is not effective enough and averting them to develop any real expertise.

However, inbound marketing methodology offers sales team a leeway. In inbound, marketing department is in charge of engaging audience, but they also can deal with engaging potential advertisers. If that is the case, you have to hire a marketer to generate leads for sales team.

You can also hire a blog designer to create a blog if you do not have one. The purpose of creating blog is to play as subdomain on your website. Since you own a media company, your site is already generating more traffic than average website. Thus, subdomain is necessary.

The blog is also going to be used for generating more leads. You have to offer content that will attract your prospects. Once they have the need to trust you, they will contact you via CTA or landing pages you have attached in each page. When they click these buttons, then you have generated more leads.

Media companies have faced several difficulties for the past few years. However, the existence of inbound marketing methodology will help them to overcome the difficulties.


Accessed on 20 January 2016