How To Create The Best A/B Testing for Ecommerce?

How do you know if advertising A is better than advertising B? Are you confused to choose which digital marketing strategy works best for your ecommerce? To stop you from getting overwhelmed, there is a technique to simplify your work called A/B testing. The test is known as a method where you are required to compare two choices for any given element to find out which one is more effective. But what should you do to create a better A/B testing? Do not fret because we are here to give you some ideas through these inbound marketing tips. Check them out below!

Content Tone

There are a number of ways to A/B test your textual content, including your social media updates. Let’s begin with the tone of your content, is it going to be formal or non formal? You can try using a more friendly and approachable tone in your words and compare it with a professional one. If you want to create a sense of urgency, you can use negative or positive tone. For negative tone, for instance, you need to state that your potential customers should make deal with you if they do not want to miss out your special offers. Or you can throw positive tone like ‘Get this now!’.

Visual Content

Visual content is favored by many and you cannot afford to be left out in this case. But there are many types of visual content to choose and in case you do not know which one is more effective, A/B testing will give you the way out. Images and videos are most used visual content today, so you can test them out before you hire a pro or invest in creating the content. Test simple videos or photos from your phone and go with the most preferred one once the result came out.  


There are some important elements you need to take into account when it comes to the design. A simple thing like color combination for your website really matters. For color combination, you can choose different palettes in different iterations. Or you can also try out the fonts for your website, is Comic Sans still working or you better go with another font design? Aside from font and color, you need to consider the size of your font, search box, or other widgets, also the buttons, text, and icons. Whatever it is, you should A/B test it first and make sure your choices are in line with your brand image.  

A/B Testing Tools

A/B testing tools, such as Google Analytics and Optimizely, can help you with the test and make it easier. Optimizely, for example, is a handy tool to test your pages and it also offers flexibility to the point that you can create variety of pages in your Optimizely account. The variations will be shown automatically to your targeted customers. Furthermore, the platform provides you with compelling case studies to inspire you so that you can bring out a successful A/B testing technique.

As long as you run a business, you will not stop testing out more variables to make your inbound marketing campaign successful. So stock your mind with many ideas and try them out to find the perfect one for your ecommerce! Make your best efforts to grow your ecommerce business with the best tips from our free white paper which you can download now to enrich your knowledge and learning about the best ways to take your ecommerce to the next level.

Or, if you need help to run your inbound marketing campaign for your business, you can contact us at anytime and arrange a consultation to discuss about your problems. We will surely come back to you with the best inbound marketing campaign which is customized to the needs and requirements of your business.

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