Important Tools to Support Inbound Marketing Methodology

The popularity of inbound marketing methodology is growing even more from time to time. Marketers go through several procedures to make the methodology works for their businesses, including using some useful tools. If you are wondering about what kind of tools that can be used to help you with your business, this articles will give you some ideas.

Google Analytics
This tool is very famous among marketers around the globe and fortunately can support their inbound marketing strategy and methodology as well. Google Analytics can be used to measure web traffics and understand who your audiences are and what they are searching for on your website. Several features that you can use in this tool are audience data and reporting, advertising reports, in-page analytics, and so on.

HubSpot is belief to be able to bring all the tools marketers need to perform their inbound marketing strategy, involving SEO, blogging, content management, landing pages, CTA, social media, marketing automation, CRM integration, email, analytics, and lead management.

The fact that Moz can work well with search engine optimization makes many marketers do not hesitate to use it. Moz , previously known as SEO Moz, combines every aspect of SEO under one software, containing content, link and ranking, traffic and social analytics.

HootSuite categorizes as the most well-known social managing tools on the web due to its cross-platform capabilities, analytics, and can be used as engagement tools. Currently, HootSuite is free to use which supports up to three profiles of social media, scheduling capabilities, and sports basic analytics.

Since inbound marketing methodology deals with content creation, having WordPress account is necessary for posting your contents. Besides having advanced features to support the content creations, it is also easy to use and well–optimized for search engines.

If you think about making video to lure your intended audience with inbound marketing strategy in mind, Wistia will be a smart choice. In-video forms which is called ‘turnstiles’, email integration with services such as MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Marketo, and Hubspot, and customizable video CTAs, make the tool recognizes as the most effectual video hosting for inbound marketing.

The tools above, and others that have not been mentioned, are going to help you to work on your inbound marketing methodology and strategy. Thus, take advantage of them as you pleased to maintain your business.

Accessed on 15 June 2015