Improve Your Brand Awareness With Google Adwords

Google AdWords is usually used to advertise products or services to sell as the buying intent is higher on Google searches than other PPC channels. But did you know that Google AdWords is advantageous not only for optimizing sales but also for raising your brand awareness and capturing inbound marketing leads even at the early stage of your sales funnel?

Since making people aware of your business is quite a tough game to play, you need any means necessary to help you out and that is where the service is pretty much required. Remember, Google AdWords provides you with effective methods to reach out to your target personas by placing ads that will be noticed easily by them. With that information in mind, here are some digital marketing treats to help you boost your business popularity through Google AdWords.

The Display Network

Google’s Display Network provides method to help you target users with specific interests. Armed with the info, start advertising your business on different websites in the Internet as a text or banner ad with images. Your main point is to target those users in certain methods based on the available choices. The choices involve websites for ad placement, targeted keywords, where your audiences come from, etc. You can go with multiple choices and combine them altogether as long as you place your ad in the right place to the right people.  

That being said, you cannot skip checking out your progress with the ads. By doing regular checking, you can make certain whether your ads are being featured or placed together with other less qualified content on the website.

Ad Format

If you want to reach out to your prospects through ads, you can use rich media ad formats included on the Display Network. With the ad format, you can interact with your potential customers with text ads. Or if you prefer the uniqueness offered by visual ads such as video, flash animations, or static images, you are welcome to use these formats.

The Search Network

The search network is used not only for driving traffic to your website, but also for having your ad emerge within the results so you can make your targeted personas aware of your digital marketing business. In case you are afraid your ads do not get clicked, the visibility of your business name will be kept in their minds in the future. You can also try a ‘sly’ tactic by placing your ads on searches for the names of your competitions or those who have similarity to your existing customers.

Despite the perks of using the search network, you have to invest more budget on it since it is more costly to get clicks using the network. Even so, the clicks usually come from those who have more probability to accept your offer, thus your investment will bear fruit eventually.

Google AdWords is belief to be useful for raising business awareness and the inbound marketing info above has given you some ideas on how to make it effective for the purpose and give a boost for your brand awareness. You can learn more about how to maximize your brand exposure using social media by downloading our free infographic that will give you the best tips to use social media marketing to maximize your brand exposure.

Or, if you in need of our help for a strong marketing package to improve your brand awareness, then don’t be hesitate and contact us! Our team will surely brings you the best brand campaign even more beyond just brand awareness!

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