Improving The Customer Experience on Your Website

Now more people have relied on the Internet to look for almost everything, including for finding information and shopping for goods. The convenience that has been offered by the Internet along with today’s advanced technology is able to change their behaviors as well. Due to this, many businesses establish a website as the source of information and storefront for their respective customers without minding much about the location or distance.

So you see that a website is important in today’s business scene and whether you launch a new one or enhance what you already have, the point is you must improve the web to offer a better customer experience. Why? Because by improving the customer experience, you will be able to gain more benefits, such as a ROI increase, better traffic, and more. That being the case, this inbound marketing article will provide you with some handy tips on how to improve the customer experience on your website:

Device Friendly

In few years back we saw how people browsed the Internet only on laptop or desktop computers compared to today where they use mobile or smart devices like smartphones and tablets to visit numerous websites. Therefore, it is your job to ensure that your website is easy to maneuver even when your customers visit it through their smart devices. If you fail to address this issue, chance is you lose the opportunity to delight them and close more deals with them. Remember, your customers want to access your website easily anytime and anywhere regardless of the devices they use to do so.

Prioritize Lifetime Value

A report from Econsultancy revealed that 64{e56e98cffb3900b5e8849a3588d7fad4e42d0c2720d7b074b7ab4ed4811d4b0a} of businesses see customer experience as the best method to improve customer lifetime value (LTV). When you are ready to offer value to your customers, they will stay true to your brand. In case you miss it, lifetime value is an important metric that directly measures the value of businesses or customers as well as the value that the customers share in return. LTV involves various variables throughout every business unit, from sales to marketing.

If you want to improve customer experience through LTV, you should mindful of your lead nurturing campaign and selling approaches. You also need to monitor your customer behaviors, adjust to policies, and input to strategic decisions. In the process, you will figure out some methods to turn your customers to a valuable and profitable source for your business.

Search Functionality

It is important to design your website where your customers can find anything they look for with ease. That is why you should set up a website based on what your customers’ wants and needs and let them find information on products and services, prices, policies, payment methods, and other relevant matters without any difficulties. In short, do not go with complicated design that ends up annoying your customers as they find it hard to get what they want through the website.

Live Chat Option

It is possible that your customers encounter some problem during the purchasing process, hence, live chat option needs to be included to assist them when needed. If you provide an online customer service representative, your customers can enjoy shopping on their own while knowing that there is a customer service representative available anytime for them on the other side.

Improving customer experience will benefit your business even more. So, bear the inbound marketing tips above and do not forget to implement them. Learn more to gain more benefits from your customers by downloading our free infographic about how to use customer experiences and testimonials for your inbound marketing.


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