InboundID as The Social Media Partner of The Global Mobile App Summit & Awards 2017

The 2017 Global Mobile App & Summit Awards (GMASA 2017) is an annual event to outline the fast growing of mobile technology innovation industry in the nation as Indonesia itself is seen as the third largest mobile  market user in Asia after China and India. It was held on January 26th 2017 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta.

Venkatesh C. R., founder and chairman of GMASA, stated that the event was held to assist Indonesia in gaining more global recognition and developing the state of mobile technology. By encouraging the stakeholders to participate, the country will be able to drive the growth of business and economy in the mobile app industry.

Mobile app developers, managers, executives, and marketers from some well-off companies in the world had been involved in the summit which involved several important agendas, such as an exhibition and panel discussions to figure out more about the state of mobile app industry in the world. Workshop, networking sessions, and Indie Pitch fest targeting indie game developers were also included on the list.

The GMASA 2017 also involved more than 20 speakers from various companies across the world. Besides the speakers, there are a number of local and international sponsors as well as partners. And one of the partners of the event of course it’s InboundID that choosed as social media partner.

As the social media partner, we covered all the updates about GMASA 2017 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. From the venue, atmosphere, discussions, presentations and awarding, we gave all the updates of the important agendas of GMASA 2017 from the start to finish. We also gave informations about the registration and exhibitors that took part on the event. We provide the updates with a clear and compelling sentences and images so that the audience could follow every important agendas of the event through the social media.

It was a privilege for us to be the social media partner for The GMASA 2017 where we could provide the updates every moments and agendas of the event. We hope that through the updates, many audience could gain many informations and insights which have been delivered through this event.